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Yggdrasil Gaming is a newcomer to online casino gaming, but it is a company that is holding nothing back in its efforts to become number one. Yggdrasil is a baby in the industry having been founded at the beginning of 2013 by the former CEO of Net Entertainment, Fredrik Elmqvist. His extensive experience in business and marketing led him to recognize the need for games that were more than numbers based. To that end, the company has focused on being a technological innovator.

The company is headquartered in Malta with additional offices in Krakow. In spite of being such a young company, they have been licensed by both The Lotteries & Gaming Authority of Malta and the Government of Curaçao. Yggdrasil does not confine itself and offers games for both desktop and mobile operating systems. Their range of products covers everything from video slots to 3D video keno to live studio lotto to pooled progressive jackpots. They ensure that every customer will have something to please their palate.

The variety of games and platforms offered is not the backbone of what makes Yggdrasil Gaming such an up and coming company. That honor belongs to their software. There has been much written about their HTML5 framework, iSENSE 2.0. This framework allows slots to load more swiftly regardless of the device being used. The average loading time is less than ten seconds. Users who have experience with attempting to game on a mobile device are well aware of the frustration that can rise when games take forever before they can be played. The obvious advantages to the framework have led Elmqvist to announce that the company will be moving all its games over to iSense 2.0.

This leads nicely to the next point of interest which would be the games the Yggdrasil has to offer. The fun-loving spirit of the company is illustrated in their popular video slot game, Cyrus the Virus. Colorful and with entertaining audio, this game brings back memories of childhood games. Players are tasked with eliminating cheeky viruses from a computer hard drive. The gameplay is swift and the rewards are nothing to sneeze at. The company has many different video slots, but their desire to be the most engaging means that players have a wide variety of well-crafted games to choose from.

Some players prefer a progressive video slot game because of the payouts that are available and the company hasn’t left them behind. There are a few games available but A Cool Million definitely has the ability to draw people in. The first pooled progressive slot game developed by Yggdrasil, this game fuses a traditional feel with HD quality graphics. This isn’t a game that has fast paced animation like Cyrus the Virus but instead relies on its jackpot and nostalgic feel to give customers a fantastic experience.

Of course, not every player is a fan of video slots. Yggdrasil has many options for those people but we’ll just take a quick peek at one in particular. The 3D Keno game Medusa Eyes of Fire gives players every opportunity to take home a win. Keno games put the power in the hands of the player as they choose their numbers. Medusa allows individuals extra numbers on features hits that can provide special wins. The animation and sound quality of this 3-in-1 game engages the senses in addition to the adrenaline rush that playing this sort of game can send to the brain. This is a keno game that plays to many different playing styles.

Yggdrasil Gaming also offers lottery and video scratch options but their appeal is not limited to sheer choice. This is a company that understands that customers want to have the best experience and that quality wins out over quantity. That said, this company doesn’t rest on its laurels and strives to exceed every expectation. It will be fascinating to see what innovation they hit the industry with next.

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