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Thunderkick Slots is an online casino gaming developer. As the title suggests, they mainly specify in slot related casino games. Thunderkick Slots, also known as Thunderkick AB, was founded in Sweden during the year of 2012. The idea of Thunderkick AB came from a group of famous game developers who wanted to take their love of playing slots to the next level. Their ultimate goal was to make the game different while still keeping the basics of the game that they all knew and loved the same. Three of the many games Thunderkick created along those guidelines that are listed above are Arcader Video Slot, Birds On A Wire Video Slot, and Fruit Warp Video Slot.

Most Popular Thunderkick Slots

Arcader Video Slot is one of Thunderkick AB’s most famous games. With this game, Thunderkick AB decided to incorporate more of a retro vibe to the famous slots game. They gained much inspiration from the classic arcade games that could be found in any arcade during the late 1970s or the early 1980s. These group of game developers all loved the small pixelated blocks that could be found on the arcade game screen whenever they would begin to play the game. Therefore, they decided that they would bring together their two loves: the classic arcade games with the retro vibes and then, of course, the casino game slots. In Arcader Video Slots, the game is played in an alien world on something called monoliths, which is the small pixelated boxes found in the classic arcade games. In Arcader Video Slots, the monoliths represent the slot boxes. Meteors will fall from the sky and three will land in the monolith boxes. The matching shapes in the monolith boxes will determine if the player has won or not. Every so often, a wild symbol will activate and allow the player to spin a few more times for a chance to win the game.

Another game that Thunderkick AB is famous for is Birds On A Wire Video Slot. This particular game was simulated to remind people of the cartoons that would be shown before a major Hollywood film during the 1950s and 1960s. In the game, the player will summon three rows of birds that will land on telephone pole wires and display the different combinations just like a slot machine would. Every so often during the game, a bird that is wearing a paper bag will appear on the screen. This particular bird is referred to as the Scatter symbol in the game. When three birds with paper bags on their heads land on the telephone pole wires, the player will be award with 15 spins. These 15 spins allow the player to have more chances to win.

One of the last games to be mentioned in this article that was created by Thunderkick AB is Fruit Warp Video Slot. The creators of this game wanted to eliminate the idea in people’s heads that all video slot games are the same. In this game, an invisible source throws nine pieces of fruit out onto a green field. If three of the pieces of fruit match, a prize is awarded. If four of the pieces of fruit match, then all of the other fruit is zapped away and is replaced with new fruit. This allows for a fruit point multiplier to kick in, making the prize value increase.

Thunderkick AB, which is also known as Thunderkick Slots, is a company that challenges the typical video slots casino game. They are always looking for more ways to spice up the game and make it their own. Such a task has paid a toll on the number of games Thunderkick AB is able to produce. As of right now, they only have slightly less than twenty games on the market whereas many other companies have hundreds of games out. The uniqueness of Thunderkick AB’s games, however, keeps their customers waiting around anxiously to see what they come up with next.

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