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Name Mr Green Casino
Website URL
Established 2008
Location Great Britain
Minimum Deposit £10
Support Options Phone, Email, Live, Casino Chat
Deposit Options Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz, PaysafeCard and More
Withdrawal Options Neteller, Skrill, Bank Wire, Check, Visa, MasterCard, many others


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Mr Green Casino: A Place For Fun & Easy Gaming

The three founders of the Mr Green casino are Fredrik Sidfalk, Henrik Bergquist and Mikael Pawlo who took a year to nurture their pioneering ideas. The online casino finally launched in 2008 with much praise from insiders and online gaming experts. Mr Green proved that the wait was well worth it, and within a few short years became a giant in the online gaming industry. This came to no surprise, since all three entrepreneurs had plenty of experience with online gaming, which was where they received their inspiration.

What Makes Mr Green Online Casino Stand Out?

There are thousands of online casinos available on the internet, making it quite hard to set one casino apart from the other. The team behind Mr Green understood that they had to break conventional knowledge and create an exciting experience for all gamers.

One of the issues that many of the online casinos had when Mr Green was getting ready to launch was they resisted providing games from any other gaming provider other than the one they contracted with. This created a stale effect, since games from one particular company tend to have a similar feel.

The team behind Mr Green knew that it was important to give people an opportunity to feel excited with every single game they played, prompting one of the most revolutionary features of Mr Green casinos. That revolutionary aspect of Mr Green casinos was the fact that their games came from different game-creating companies.

The other aspect that made Mr Green stand above the rest of the online casinos was their commitment to simple betting. Many of the casinos at the time were still asking players to exchange currency for chips in order to play. What is worse, each player had to exchange different chips for different games, which made gaming complicated.

Mr Green casino wanted to give players a simpler experience with their casino, so they came up with a simpler wallet solution that all games could share. The need for chips from here or there was abolished, which made for a better gaming experience. Besides, this system gave gamers greater control over their finances because everything was easier to keep track of.

This was just another reason why many players began to flock to Mr Green casinos. What Mr Green casinos had successfully accomplished was they were able to offer a simpler way of betting, which gave gamers less to worry about. In essence, Mr Green brought back fun to the online gaming world that had become stale and a little complicated.
What Has Helped Mr Green Become the Largest Online Casino?

Mr Green is now the largest online casino; in fact, it has won numerous awards for being top rated amongst experts and gamers. It was voted Best Online Casino in 2013 to 2015, which is 3 long years. Three long years where the competition could have made a move to knock them down, but they were simply unable to.

The groundwork that Mr Green online casino laid has made the casino so resilient to current trends. It was that same groundwork that has given Mr Green the opportunity to grow with the times. One of the reasons that Mr Green has stayed relevant deals with the amount of game providers they employ. Every game provider is trying to improve their technology and the relevance of their games.

The game provider’s livelihood relies on their ability to outdo their competitors. And, Mr Green houses all of these competitors under one digital roof. It is precisely this level of competition that has given Mr Green’s gamers a sense of excitement. There is always a new game that might interest them like the Batman and Dracula game or progressive slots that allows players to win large amounts.

Mr Green Casino Bonuses

Mr Green casinos also love to give their returning players even more incentives to come back and bet again. One of the incentives is free spins every week or random cash drops from time to time. There are also tournaments between players who wish to participate, as well as large cash prizes. There is no telling what other incentives the team behind Mr Green casinos will come up with, but it should be well worth the wait.

Mr Green has reached this kind of success due–in part–to their commitment to keeping the players excited.
The Kind of Service That Gamers Can Expect from Mr Green

Winning and excitement are big components to the success of Mr Green, but there are other aspects that should be mentioned, too. For one, the team behind Mr Green casino wanted to help protect their players from themselves. Games are exciting, and players could get caught in the heat of the moment and disregard any limitations that they might have set for themselves. Mr Green casino takes it upon themselves to ask for limitations that you have and does not let you bet above that to ensure you stay well within your gaming budget. This definitely shows just how much this online casino differs from other gaming sites.

Mr Green casino also made it a point to rely on 128-bit SSL Encryption to make sure that any patron’s information is completely secure. This type of security also ensures that deposits and withdrawals are safe.

Many of the players are happy to see how much care Mr Green casinos show all of their players. And, if that was not enough, Mr Green casino can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week should any player have a problem or a question. You can communicate with the team behind Mr Green through the phone or online chat.

The online casino also wanted to offer many ways to place bets. This is the reason that they made sure that they supported many forms of payment from e-wallets or PayPal to Skrill and major credit cards.

It is hard to believe that this little company has become a beloved online casino in only a few years. But it becomes clear why gamers and experts flocked to Mr Green once you take a closer look at their core beliefs and their practices. It goes to show you that a little dedication and a little luck can definitely go a long way. This is a tip that gamers can use when placing bets, too. Understanding and truly dedicating yourself to a particular game and honing your craft should improve your skills. The rest of the game is up to chance, and hopefully lady luck is on your side.