Responsible Gambling

Gambling Addiction

Bright flashing lights with loud exciting sounds all lure you in with the promise of entertainment and the chance of winning big money, but did you ever notice a clock in a casino? Casino and Lottery games can be fun for those who play in moderation, however many people are afflicted with a gambling addiction. Explained below are ways to embark in responsible gaming as well as signs of a gambling problem and options for assisted help.

Responsible Gambling

Individuals who are primarily looking for something to do for entertainment purposes that do not risk money that is allocated for other necessities are considered Responsible Gamers. A crucial differentiating factor between a responsible gamer and a person who has a gambling addiction problem is being able to set and follow personal limits of time and money. For example, if you decide to use £300 to play table games like roulette, blackjack, craps, or three card poker you do not take more money out to play with when your original £300 has been lost. Another feature of a gamer is a person who is able to walk away as a winner! People who play responsibly have other hobbies, responsibilities, and relationships that they are able to maintain.

Gambling Addiction

Individuals who primarily are looking for a “big win” while spending unreasonable amounts of time or money trying to attain more than what they have earned. People with an addiction have a hard time winning, because they have a hard time walking away while ahead. People in this category will go further into their wallets in order to try to recover previously lost money and will spend time they were not expecting to use to complete this endeavor. People with a gambling addiction might miss important events or deadlines because they “lost track of time” while gambling. Most forms of gambling are completely based on statistical chance rather than skill of any kind, however there is Black Jack, Poker, and Sports Betting that require minimal skills. Addicted gamblers will often twist reality and perceive that their “luck” or “skill” exceeds the actual odds of winning.

Support for Problem Gamblers

While enjoying legal gaming activity is ideal, if you feel like you may have a gambling addiction problem you can seek help. There are many resources to help control or diminish a gambling addiction problem. Websites such as offer online support with a live advisor chat, phone support with the HelpLine number 0808 8020 133, and offer counseling support services including a helpful online Self Assessment Questionnaire. Another useful website is which provides a vast amount of information and resources related to the gaming industry.

If you have sought assistance, and are still concerned with a gambling addiction problem there is also the self-exclusion program. By law, casinos are obligated to offer players the option to sign up to be excluded from being allowed to play at their establishment. One selects the length of time that they would like to be on the list and banned from playing, fills out paperwork, and then will not be permitted to gamble at that location. This option means that you are choosing to be denied access to the premises and the gaming activities on site for the complete duration of your self-exclusion. While this option may seem extreme to some, others find it useful when battling a gambling addiction.

Casino and Lottery games can be enjoyable and sometimes profitable hobbies as long as they are treated responsibly. Please observe safety practices of setting limits with time and money so you can avoid turning a simple pleasure into a life consuming addiction. Responsible Gamers are winners in the long run, conversely Problem Gamblers are more likely losers of money, time, jobs, and relationships.