Rabcat Gambling

Rabcat Overview

Rabcat Computer Graphics GmbH is more commonly known to the public as Rabcat Gambling. Leading the industry as the number one casino platform for a vast amount of gambling applications, this company has an impressive history that is full of success within the industry. Positive reviews are regularly written in favor of the company, and consumers across the globe are satisfied with Rabcat’s services. With nearly two decades of experience in the gaming field, this company has certainly paved a path for itself that will not soon be erased.

Located in Vienna, Austria, the platform for these casino games support dozens of languages. Offering premium casino games such as slots, virtual poker, and table games, millions of users abandon the glitz, glam, and prices of regular casinos by hopping online to Rabcat’s platform. However, it is important to note that Rabcat does not only offer casino games, but actually stimulates users with dozens of three-dimensional games that are based on their own trademarks.

Riveting games with cutting edge graphics allow this manufacturer to remain ahead of the competition. Established in October 2001 by Thomas Schleischitz, this gaming company has worked its way up to becoming a leading company for premium casino games. Eventually partnering with Quickfire, Microgaming, and Odobo, these games work flawlessly on a multitude of systems.

Rabcat is able to lead the industry by remaining constantly in touch with its consumers. Publishing regular game updates as well as news pertaining to their services, the gaming guru certainly has all of its cards in line. Solid contact information allows consumers to feel in touch with their beloved manufacturer, and that is of the utmost importance when it comes to retaining a customer base and gaining new customers.

Rabcat releases a new game almost annually, and allows their platform to keep consumers in touch with their complete gaming line. Big-name operators regularly use Rabcat’s content as a result of their quality, and include companies like Betsson, Bet365, Unibet, and Coral. Uniting a global audience allows the manufacturer to grow in popularity, size, and capability.

Licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, Rabcat is a legitimate company that allows consumers to feel comfortable by using a quality and legal platform. As issued under part five of the 2005 Gambling Act, the manufacturer is allowed to issue their games to big-name operators like the ones mentioned above. In fact, Rabcat is affiliated with over twenty operators across the world.

The Austrian company is part of the win2day, which is a multiple channel platform that is associated with the Austrian lotteries and casinos. Statements made pertaining to the company are made in favor of the fairness that the platform offers. Stating that the platform meets gambling standards across the board, avid gamblers are able to rejoice in winnings and are able to accept any losses. Other reviews of the Rabcat platform heavily express the general quality of the platform as being among the best in the entire world. High-end graphics and flawless visual experiences allow users to feel like they are in a casino, but in the comfort of their own homes. Offering safe and social experiences for users, Rabcat Gambling is the present and the future.

TO finalize, the strong customer base that supports Rabcat Gambling continues to grow in numbers. Their easy to use services comply with a multitude of devices including smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Providing an online experience that other manufacturers fail to provide, this company stands apart from the competition. As consumers anxiously await new releases, Rabcat becomes further validated of just how popular they are. Three-dimensional, quality games and gambling activities combine for the ultimate experience.

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