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One of the world’s most leading game studio developers is Quickspin. Quikckspin is an innovative video slot, Swedish game developer. The video slots they create and have created are for social play and the online gambling market. Their team has had years of experience in the gaming community. The company has a love for gambling and it is one company that truly cares for its players. Quickspin is always trying to push the envelope on developing new slots. Quickspin is known for its award-winning graphics, audio, and gameplay. Quickspin is a gaming developed company with slot type games only for the online gambling community.

Quickspin Delivers a Quality Casino Experience

Quickspin has delivered many quality games that many people around the world enjoy. One of Quickspin’s more recent deals struck this year, shows they are continuously expanding. Quickspin was founded in 2011 by Daniel Lindberg, who has an extensive five-year based background in the industry. Mats Westerlund the VP of productions for Quickspin has also had an extensive background work with the slot entertainment industry. And lastly cofounder Joachim Timmermans, who is the VP of Strategy. Timmermans has had well over 7 years of experience in the gaming community. The Company is located in Stockholm, Sweden, nestled right in the center of the city.

Quickspin has come a long way in the development standpoint. In the early years, the Company took inspiration from books, such as Goldilocks and the Wild Bears, Big Bad Wolf, Beowulf, The Three Musketeers and so on. Even at their earliest stages of game making, the company paid great attention to detail. Their games are filled with absolute stunning illustrations. Quickspin continues to raise eyebrows with their new slot games.

There are numerous slots to choose from but a few to get the feel of Quickspin are, Second Strike, Sinbad, and The Wild Chase. Second Strike is Quickspins very first 10 line game. The game is based on the classic fruit slot machine but has more updated gaming mechanics. It is a new change to a traditional slot. Another favorite slot game is Sinbad. Sinbad has very beautiful graphics, with top-off the line animations. The game has elements of Sinbad’s adventures. In that it has bonuses spins represent the true Sinbad. Sinbad is for the casual player but it is also suitable for the more risky, intense player. Firestorm is another popular slot developed by Quickspin.

Firestorm is reviewed as awesome, and exciting. Firestorm is a slot game that has very easy controls and mechanics of the game while have awesome graphics combined with top of the line audio. The Wild Chase is one of the newest games developed by Quickspin. It was released in April of 2016. The Wild Chase is just like the title says, fast paced and wild. Wins are rewarded with more spins and multipliers Wilds that will add to the total winnings. It is a high action slot game that thrills.

Quickspin Technology

The Company ‘s goal is in making hi-tech, and awesome video slots. Slot games that any type of gamer can enjoy. There is something for every type of gamer. From the gamer who enjoys the visual enjoyable slots to the more extreme gamer who enjoys all the bonus spins such as in King Colossus. The security and support of Qickspin is that the company holds several foreign licenses. So gamers who gamble on Quickspin can be assured that their money is in good hands. Quickspin games are also built in several different languages. Quickspin also has a great quality of game-playing on mobile devices.

In more recent news, Quickspin entered into an agreement with Denmark’s larges operator. In this deal Quickspin’s top leading games will be featured on Danske Spil’s Vegas.dk brand. Founders Lindberg, Westerlund and Timmermans couldn’t be happier to reach a deal so the can deliver their award winning games to players all across Denmark. Quickspin is a force in the gaming industry and continues every day to grow.

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