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Quickfire Slots

Online slot games are very popular in the world of online casinos. Since making slot games available online the online gambling world has not been the same. There are many gaming companies available but only a few are among the top rated design companies. And with their high regards, online casinos are begging to have their slot games available with their casino. Quickfire’s designing company is one of these few. They have dedicated their gaming to making their slot games exciting and thrilling for the online gambler players. Log in, have a few spins and possibly win the jackpot, this is what makes online slot games thrilling. Quickfire game designers do just that.

Quickfire is a designing company for online slot games and also for mobile casinos. They have some of the most popular games available. Mostly due to their work with Micro gamming Slots which help them create these massively popular slots. One of the major thing that sets them apart from the rest of the online slot game designers is their huge jackpot system in place for every game that they design.

Quickfire is also popular for a few more reasons. They have over 400 games that were tested and approved roughly 225 of those are slot games. Every month, they have new games released, as one of their promises to gamers is to always have something fresh for them to play. The games are available in 20 different languages and well as many currencies.

Quickfire’s slots are feature popular television shows, movies, magazines you name it. They make games focused on what is trending. The Dark Knight, and The Dark Night Rises are slot games that customers seem to rate high. The games contain fun bonus rounds with shows clips from the two different films. Tomb Raider is one of their more popular slot games. Who could forget Laura Croft running into the room, guns drawn and the thrills you got from just watching this blockbuster. With Laura Croft slot game it is an immensely fun game to get immersed into just like the movie. A featured slot is their Playboy multi player online slot, which of course is a favorite among the male gamers, but the ladies seem to enjoy it just as much. Quickfire also has popular movie themed slot games, such as Jurassic Park, and Terminator 2, which of course has the audio support of an Arnold type voice. Which again delves into the best parts of the movies for you to enjoy while playing. Other titled blockbuster themed video slots are Thunderstruck, and Hellboy. Of course, the ever trending television show has a video slot game. Game of Thrones, again the game delves into the characters and scenes from the ever growing television show.

Quickfire also has a mobile option. So gamblers can play while on the go. They do not have all of their slots available on the mobile options but they do have an assortment to enjoy. Quickfire also puts new monthly games on their mobile option. Gamers are still met with excellent graphics with an easy gameplay experience. Just a swipe, and tap game interface, it is really that easy.

As said before Quickfire is an instant play of Micro gaming software that is incorporated into many different online casinos. They deliver hundreds of games thorough out the world. The slots are full of life and character. Making them highly enjoyable for any type of gamer and their big jackpot payouts make them one step above the rest. Almost all the slot games come with demo play, so if a customer wants to try it out first and see if it would be a game they would like to play. Quickfire games also have many games, including video slots, that you can play for free. And with the largest online Progressive Jackpot Network in the gaming industry, its definitely worth a spin.

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