UK Sports Betting in the Future

The future of sports betting might be in the hands of bots

Sports betting is a game of the mind. Which player is going to outshine their counterpart, which team has the winning track record, what team is the most prepared? Some players choose to make decisions based entirely off of their favorites or a gut feeling. Turns out, there may be a more mathematical approach that will be used by bots in the future who will determine to a point of accuracy which team is going to outperform the other. The best bettors aren’t going to be humans, they’re going to be computer programs.

According to London mathematician Adam Kucharski, these bots will be able to take a statistical look at various players and teams in order to make an informed prediction on the outcome of a match that is far superior to anything a human could come up with. The biggest advantage that these bots would have though would be to bet on mismatched odds as they are able to learn and apply bets faster than bookmakers are able to react and adjust their odds. This would take a huge advantage out of the delay in betting odds between matches and operators, and would be huge for in-play betting that happens fairly instantly.

By taking this approach, these applications could figure out the statistical change of a team winning and then compare it to whatever has been set by the bookmaker. If it finds a large change that favors the bettor, it will place the bet instantly before any adjustments are made. This method works best on large variances and for fast gameplay.

This type of approach has already taken hold in online poker, where some bots use learning components in order to outplay the other players at the table. They will analyze when players go high, when they go low, and how often they back out when faced with a large bet. They can easily figure out the best way to bluff players and deceive them into backing down, even when a player has a bad hand. While on the rise these bots continue to play, but after a certain losing streak they will switch off to another table to try their tricks on more gullible opponents.

Of course, in the United States sports betting is still illegal, but this shift in technology is going to become increasingly more relevant as we become closer and closer to a regulated sports betting scene in the states. There have been some recent major pushes towards legalizing sports betting in the United States, with one group even taking their case to the United States Supreme Court to make a ruling on whether or not it’s a right to be able to bet on sports. One more thing that lawmakers have to consider when thinking about the integrity of sports is whether or not the rise in technology and ever-growing collection of intelligent bots would ruin the industry and corrupt it for the average fan.

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