UK Punter from Dundee Wins £1 3 Million on a Paddy Power Scoop6 Bet 

A horse racing punter who placed a £2.00 bet in last Saturday’s six televised races via Paddy Power’s Scoop6 betting offer was more than lucky. He was fortunate for being one of the eight individual winners to take home £1,342,599 as share of the prize pool; but his winning was exceptional because he still won despite the fact that one of his horse selections was a non runner.

After all, in a Scoop6 betting offer, a stake on a non-runner in a designated race automatically defaults to the favourite of that race. If that favourite wins the race, then the punter’s default bet still wins. In the case of the lucky punter from Dundee, the horse he backed as winner in last Saturday’s 3:10 PM race at Haddock was “March”. “March”, as events have it, turned out was a non-runner for that race, and so the Dundee fellow’s bet on “March” automatically went to “Joyeuse” being the race favourite and fortunately, also the winner of the designated competition.

The Dundee punter prefers to remain anonymous but he disclosed that after checking the Saturday race results he initially thought that his Scoop6 bet lost. He was about to throw his ticket in the trash bin, but for some reason thought of checking out first, if “March” was a non-runner; and as the lucky punter put it, “I’m glad I did!”

Now he and the seven other winners have a chance of winning the additional Scoop6 Bonus Jackpot of £5,481,763 at stake in next Saturday’s designated races.


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