Charities and Donations from the Gambling Industry

As required by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, gambling companies are required to make contributions to charities in the region. These charities are designed to treat problem gamblers and other addicts. However, some are cheating their way around the legislation and are instead making laughable contributions to meet the bare minimum of the requirement. In the words of Kate Lampard, it is a “gross violation of the spirit of the policy”.

Lampard is a manager of one of the charities that are supposed to receive this funding. She stated that she has asked some companies for as little as a tenth of a percent of the casino’s gross earnings, taking out their costs before making this determination, and has had it denied in some cases. This is very little to ask of these UK gambling venues that are required to help contribute.

She has thought from time to time about calling out the casinos and operators that are doing this in order to shame them and bring about a little bit of attention to the businesses that are dodging fares. This might bring enough negative attention to these businesses to help convince them to do a little more and be a little less greedy. However, as of now she is not doing this, but it’s definitely something to consider for the future.

One of the largest gambling operations in the United Kingdom is only paying a third of what they should be paying according to the legislature. While remaining unnamed, it does note that the Gambling Commission should perform an investigation into these contributions being made so that companies will be held accountable and either fined for their missing donations or at the very minimum be forced to start paying.

Beyond that, she also cited some negative opinions for fixed odds betting terminals, stating that they play a big part in the number of problem gamblers that these organizations are dealing with. This isn’t very surprising and is likely the reason that the United Kingdom Gambling Commission is now performing a review on these machines to figure out the best way to tackle this problem. There is an enormous amount of pressure to lower the maximum bet on these games.

Something that many charities that work with gambling addicts would like to see is a policy update that takes into account the various health and anti-social issues that come with setting up new betting shops. It might require some stricter guidelines for betting shops before they will be considered for a certain area. Gambling addiction not only affects people with these types of issues, by it carries on to the people that they associate with such as friends and family.

Operators need to start contributing their fair share to problem gambling and not hide behind unspecific policies and near to nothing donations, and also do more to prevent problem gambling from becoming a problem that addicts have to seek treatment for in the first place.

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