Casino Software Rule Changes

New casino software rules may be coming into play for operators in the United Kingdom following a proposal submitted by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission

There may be some new updates coming from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission in regards to software policies that are going to affect both online and land based casinos alike. At this time these adjustments are just proposed and none of them have gone into effect yet, but it’s a good indication of which way the United Kingdom Gambling Commission is leaning.

Last year the United Kingdom Gambling Commission had funded a consultation into the Remote Gambling and Software Technical Standards that it is currently using, and the reviewers have come back with a number of changes that the UKGC is considering to use in an updated policy. Before implementing anything they will be reaching out to the stakeholders in the industry to get some input and consider that in all final decisions.

One of the big changes would have to do with in-play betting. It would add a select menu that would allow customers to either accept or cancel a bet when a price fluctuation goes into effect, ensuring that they are fully informed of the change in price before putting down a wager. Operators would be required to provide a sufficient amount of information, something that would be set by the Commission, to customers before processing a bet.

Another policy that would go into effect would revolve around confiscated funds. At this time, players have little to no idea why their funds are confiscated sometimes. It can be a bug in the system or a lack of integrity or perfectly legitimate if policies were broken. The goal would be for operators to be required to be as transparent as possible so that players that get affected by confiscated funds can be fully knowledgeable about why their funds are being held or taken and can take proper appeal steps if necessary.

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission is also determining that they will likely be pretty relaxed with third party casino software that gets used on various platforms. This might include bots, scripts, displays, etc. It doesn’t believe that it can make the right decisions on whether certain software is “kosher” or not, at least not on a large scale, at this moment. This kind of leaves that freedom up to operators. With this in mind though, the UKGC does believe that users should have full knowledge of what third party software programs will be used on a platform so that they can know what they are up against. This might require pages to have a software page outlining what types of scripts will be used.

Perhaps the most drastic change of all for some operators is that the Commission might start requiring operators to allow players to set a limit on their spending, and encourage them to do so. Most operators do not currently do this because it means less profits but now it may become a requirement. This will be a positive change for problem gamblers.

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