Camelot Gaming Pulls their Gambling Application

Camelot Gaming decides to pull out their international lottery gambling application

The lottery is an important part of the gambling industry throughout the United Kingdom, and some app developers have created platforms around it. Recently, Camelot decided to pull out their application due to a high amount of reports that were complaining that the draw results were not being correctly given to users.

Reports have started to emerge that many of the players that use the app have found that their ticket was actually a winner after being told that they had lost. This seems to be a very recent bug or glitch because customers didn’t start complaining about the service until a couple weeks ago.

Camelot gaming seems to be aware of the issue now and wants to avoid any further incidences or liability, and so they have decided to close down the application to United Kingdom-based consumers for now. They released a message on the National Lottery website that explained that they are working on technical issues with the app to identify the problem. It has been identified that the consumer reports of it incorrectly displaying losses for winning tickets has been validated as a real bug. This bug has been affecting users that checked their tickets with both the scanner or by manually entering it into the system.

Camelot has gone on to state that this shouldn’t have been a long standing issue and has likely popped up as a result of the update that was released on October 13th for Android and Apple devices. The application was locked up by developers on October 26th after validating the issue and users have since been urged to check their tickets on the website rather than through the app.

Even though Camelot gaming has now taken steps to fix the problem, many customers are outraged. There are lots of people who have complained about the company because there is the chance that they threw out a winning ticket after being told it was a loss, costing one lucky yet super unlucky person millions of pounds. Camelot has stated that anyone who has this fear must contact them within 30 days to check and see if the ticket they scanned or entered was valid, although they haven’t cited whether or not they will be paying out to these customers.

When contacting Camelot users must send in information as to the location and time they purchased their ticket in question, the amount of tickets that they purchased, as well as what they believe has happened to the ticket after having it reported by the app that it was a loss.

This isn’t the first time that Camelot has had issues with their software. Back in July of this year the UKGC fined Camelot for £300,000 as a result of their website showing the wrong winning numbers during the Lotto Millionaire Raffle. Another issue occurred that cost the company an additional £100,000 after Camelot told three winners they’d receive £2 million each, when the actual reward was just £1.6 million.

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