Betcade Makes Progress Towards UK Approval

Betcade is making progress towards receiving approval through the United Kingdom FCA

Betcade may very well become the very first Android store real money gambling application. Following approval, Betcade may now be allowed to feature their own application on the Google Play store that will allow them to offer real money gambling to users. For years it has been against Google policy to allow for gambling operators to upload applications so that the market stays very family friendly, but that may be changing.

Apple users have had a different experience. Apple has no policy against gambling applications or apps that allow for users to use real world currency. While Betcade has had an app on the Apple store for quite some time, it makes perfect sense as to why they would like to further expand themselves over to Android devices as well.

It wasn’t until the end of October of 2016 that Betcade had received approval from the United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority to be allowed to accept payments for their new online store. This would now classify Betcade as an authentic payment institution in the United Kingdom. This will allow for Betcade to begin accepting payments from credit cards, e-wallets, debit cards, and other electronic methods.

It has been a two year process for Betcade to receive approval from the FCA, making this recent decision a huge stride in the right direction for the company to further expand and grow. Betcade had already launched earlier this year back in May, but now they will be able to provide real money services to Android users that play their casino games on their devices.

Betcade has been very vocal about their intent with furthering the company. Paul Barclay, who is the general manager of the company, has sought to develop an app that would be considered the “best in class” gambling application on the market. Seeing as there is a massive gap of gambling application on the Google Play platform, this does open up a major opportunity for Betcade to sweep in and fill in that industry void. This could mean big news for the company and a great opportunity for growth.

As a player, you now have a big opportunity window to get on board and play on one of the best mobile gambling apps out there. There are very few options available for Android users that want to use gambling apps on their phones or tablets, but now you can use Betcade to get into your favorite casino games on the go. This app store is going to open up the market for tons of casinos to now become available through Android devices, and users are going to be able to search for the most played and featured options with ease. There are even Live casino options that are going to be in the store for players that prefer the real world feel to their gaming experience. The app design is slick and smooth with a very easy to navigate interface and plenty of options to choose from.

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