Aspers Casinos Launch “Spin for a Million” Tax-Free Jackpot

Aspers Casinos recently launched the holding of a six-week promotional roulette spinning competition for all Aspers casino customers. The activities will go into full swing this month and will culminate in a Grand Finale at the Aspers Stratford on June 21, 2014. Aside from a guaranteed cash prize of £25,000, the lucky grand finalist will have the chance to win the £1 million tax-free prize money.

Aspers Casinos, which prides itself for having the most number of slot jackpot winners than any other casinos across the UK, will be holding ticket draws every night except, Friday and Saturday, one at 9:00 PM and another at midnight. The entry for the nightly draws is free for Aspers Casino customers, but they will have to present their Aspers Rewards Card. The number of tickets earned as rewards will be based on customers’ playing history in any of Aspers’ casinos.

In each of the nightly draws and in every Aspers Casino, a total of ten tickets will be randomly drawn and the holder of the ticket drawn gets to choose a ball. The result of roulette wheel spins will decide who among the ball holders will proceed as entrants to the semi-finals on June 15.

In the semi-final round, each Aspers Casino will select a set of five final finalists who will be one step closer to the “Spin for a Million” Grand Finale. The five lucky customers will be randomly selected but this time by picking the right object out a hat. A total of 20 finalists therefore, will eventually vie for the right to spin for the grand jackpot of £1 million in tax-free money. Nonetheless, all 20 finalists will receive cash prizes as they will be asked to choose from any of the mystery boxes that contain cash rewards between £1,000 and £5,000.

According to Aspers owner Damian Aspinall, as many as 3,500 Londoners visit the casinos daily, spending an average of £30, which he is aware of as money that could have been spent for dining out or for a cinema ticket; or, at the betting shops in London’s high streets. Mr. Aspinall asserts that their business model is not one that aims to drain customers out of their life savings and that the Aspers Casino people are well-trained as far as identifying problem gambling behavior is concerned.

He added that holding promotional events like “Spin for a Million” is Aspers’ way of communicating with customers and of painting the gambling industry in a more positive light. Aspinall commented on how research studies show that negative issues about gambling are pointed at retail betting shops and not at all, at land-based casinos. The Aspers owner said that if all goes well and if the customers find the upcoming events as enjoyable, a future repeat is a likely possibility and perhaps for a higher prize money.

Daniel Aspinall further expressed his delight by saying, “It’s a chance to change someone’s life and show our customers we’re very progressive and able to do fun things that others wouldn’t.”