Thunderball Lotto

Thunderball is a new lotto game that is easy to play and fun. This brilliant game has drawings three times a week. Every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday numbers are drawn. The object of the game is simply the player picks a group of five numbers between one and thirty nine with one Thunderball number ranging from one to fourteen.

The player has two options for playing the game. He or she can play online from the convenience of their own flat or play in person at the local store. If the player chooses to play online, they need to open an account with the National Lottery to play. The nice thing about when a players chooses to play online is that there is no need to keep up with your lotto tickets. They keep all of your tickets secure and allow access to view your ticket at any time. If the player chooses to play in person at a store, the procedure is nearly the same. He or she will go into a participating store and choose five numbers and a Thunderball number. Doing this will require the person to keep tabs on their ticket locale.

Thunderball Lotto Pay by Direct Debit

Thunderball is also available for those who do not wish to pick their numbers by offering random computerized choosing. They also offer their customers the choice of payment via direct debit.

If the customer chooses to use direct debit, he or she will never miss out on a drawing. This ensures you are always ready for the next game and never left out. When he or she chooses direct debit, they are always in control over what is set up to spend per game. It is a convenient choice for those that are on the go with a busy lifestyle. As soon as the account is set up for direct debit, he or she can play the game straight away. There is never a waiting period. They even check your numbers after each game and let you know if you are a winner. It is a great way to play with a minute effort put forth.

There are five different ways to claim prizes for the National Lottery games. First of the five is for those who won up to one hundred pounds. If a person is a winner in this category, you can present your ticket to any participating retailer and they will pay you on the spot after checking it against the numbers.

The second way to claim a prize for between one hundred and five hundred pounds is he or she can go to any participating retailer. If the retailer has that amount on hand, they can pay at their discretion. If they do not, you can visit the National Lottery Post Office for prizes.

For prizes up to fifty thousand pounds, the player will need to visit the National Lottery Post Office and can be paid up to five hundred pounds in cash, anything other will need to be paid via cheque. For prizes over fifty thousand pounds, the prize can be claimed at your home in person or at a Regional Centre. Payments for this can be made via direct credit or via cheque.

If your prize is under fifty thousand pounds, you can also collect payment via post by sending your ticket to The National Lottery Accounts Department.