Instant Win National Lottery Games

Instant Win Games with the National Lottery

monopoly gold - lotteryMonopoly Gold

Monopoly Gold is an online lottery game based on the beloved Parker Brothers mainstay, and just like the original, you’ll have a hard time putting it down. Monopoly Gold features a clean, streamlined style of play much akin to the original board game. However, unlike the physical play style that defined many of our childhoods, Monopoly Gold allows you to play for cold, hard, cash. Simply choose your favorite piece, roll the virtual dice, and you’ll be well on your way to untold riches. Watch in awe as the virtual game pieces dash around the board, netting you countless cash prizes in the process. Hold your breath while player two makes his move, quite literally making or breaking your Monopoly Gold fortune. Whether you’re looking to have a little fun or win some cash, consider Monopoly Gold to be your one way ticket to easy excitement time and time again; you’ll be glad you did.

scrabble - lotteryScrabble

Now you can combine your love of the game scrabble with some gambling fun. The lottery has developed a game that lets you play your favorite game with the chance to win some lovely cash prizes. The lottery game of scrabble supplies you with words on the card and you then scratch to see what letters have been picked for you to play. Once you have uncovered your letters you will want to see how many of those letters are present on the ticket. You may get excited when you see a word but it is actually several word to win a cash prize. This is slightly different as the words are predetermined by the lottery card but it is fun to see what letters you have been given by chance. Your chances of winning are increased by purchasing more tickets and you will enjoy matching the letters to the words.

snakes and ladders - lotterySnakes and Ladders

It’s time to revisit your childhood with Snakes and Ladders Jungle online. Based on the theme of the worldwide, best-selling board game that everyone grew up playing. Take your ladder-climbing abilities off the board and into the Jungle online with a new prize-packed version. Whether you are climbing up, or sliding down, prizes await the player that gets lucky with the dice. With Gold Crowns, Instant Prizes, and even Bonus Prizes, Snakes and Ladders Jungle online is an eventful, fast-paced, and dynamic board game. Along with the prizes, players will find themselves repeatedly challenged in the Mini Games, and racking up Extra Rolls, that are activated once the player lands on the corresponding square. Extra Rolls and Mini Games multiply the fun, as well as the chance for prizes! What are you waiting for? Ladders need to be climbed, and prizes need to be claimed! It’s time to grab the dice and conquer the jungle.

fast fifty - lotteryFast 50

The National Lottery has long been known for providing players with the ability of win some money very quickly. The fun of the lottery is to turn over a small amount of money for the chance to win a larger amount (sometimes much larger). The Fast 50 game is one of the greatest examples of lottery tickets that provide exactly that kind of excitement. With this game, one simply clicks on the bills that show up in the game to reveal pound amounts. If three like amounts are matched, then the player has won that amount. For example if 10 pounds were to show up three times, then the player would win 10 pounds. The simplicity of this game is something that appeals to many. It is easy to just buy the ticket and plug away playing one right after the next. If one is on a winning streak, then it is quite possible to just keep playing and trying to win even more. The game is fun and provides the player with the ability to get a little excitement out of their day even if they may not have otherwise.

hookaduck - lottoHook a Duck

The Hook a Duck game is a mixture of chance and choice with the fun of an outdoors fair thrown in for good measure. The player is presented with 12 rubber ducks floating in a tub of water beneath a series of 6 wooden shelves. Each shelf is marked by a symbol and has three open slots. The player must choose 9 out of the 12 ducks to hook with a fishing rod provided by the game. Each of the hooked ducks rises up to reveal a symbol beneath, which then goes to rest on the corresponding symbol shelf. Finding 3 of the same symbol to fill a shelf results in a win of the corresponding prize. There are also instant prizes scattered throughout the game for added fun and excitement. The player can keep track of how many goes are left via the chalkboard near the bottom of the screen under the play area.

casheggstravaganza - national lotteryCash Eggstravaganza

Cash Eggstravaganza is a game that you can play as either a bunny or a chick. When you begin the game, the screen is that of a chocolate factory. The colours are soft pastels like pink and purple as well as bold colours like green and orange. Eggs of all sizes and designs are on the background as well. You are asked to choose your player to help in the game. At the bottom of the screen are 12 eggs. There is a conveyor belt above the eggs. In order to win prizes, you must match three values. There are Easter baskets on the belt. You can only choose nine eggs out of the 12 to try to find three amounts that are the same. When you click on an egg, an arm will pick it up and pass it to the helper who will then put the egg in one of the baskets. The amount of the egg will appear. Amounts that match will turn yellow so that you know you won.

monopoly - lotteryMonopoly

The National Lottery offers players the chance to enjoy themed games in their selections for their scratch cards. One of the games offered by the National Lottery is a Monopoly themed game. This of course is based on the very popular and classic Monopoly board game. The scratch card Monopoly game costs five pounds to play and provides players with the excitement of playing three different games in one. Game one is a simple addition game whereby the player is trying to get his or her numbers to add up to 10 in order to win a prize show. Game two features a matching game that is well known to lottery players. Match two like symbols and win the prize shown. Finally, game three is all about matching a winning symbol to your own symbol, and win the prize shown. The game action comes at the play fast and furious in this one. All of the symbols are based on the popular Monopoly game, so there is a lot of enjoyment even at just taking a look at the card itself.

cashlines lottoPlay Cash Lines and Win Instantly!

Cash Lines is a fun and exciting instant win game. Play online from the comfort of your own home. Cash Lines is easy to play; just match a cash line and cash in! To get started, open an account to enable you to play National Lottery games online. You must be at least 16 years of age, a resident of the United Kingdom or of the Isle of Man, and you must have a valid debit card (credit cards will not be accepted.) Once you have completed the 4 step registration process, you are ready to play Cash Lines! The rules of Cash Lines are very simple. You have 2 grids on which to play. All you have to do is select 18 tiles on the conveyor belt located beneath the grids. If you match a line of symbols on any of your grids, you win the prize that is displayed on that line. You also have the opportunity to reveal 2 mini games on which you could win instantly. Get started today!

football fortune - lotteryFootball Fortunes

There is no question that football is a popular sport in the United Kingdom (as well as most of the rest of the world). This is why the sport has been incorporated into some of the games offered by the National Lottery. The National Lottery wants to encourage those who enjoy the game of football to also try their Football Fortunes ticket. This game gives the player 14 footballs that are shuffled up. The player then selects those footballs one at a time, trying to match 3 like symbols revealed. If they are able to reveal three like symbols, then the ticket is a winner and the player wins the indicated prize. Players like this game because it combines a favorite sport of theirs with the ability to win money. Who wouldn’t want to have a combination like that. The Football Fanatics game is popular particularly around match day as players buy up the ticket in the hopes of striking it lucky on a game that is based around the game they love so much. This one certainly hits the nail on the head.

super richSuper Rich

The prospect of striking it rich has driven people to do all kinds of things throughout the years. Now, one needs only to buy a game from the National Lottery to make that possibility happen. The Strike It Rich game from the lottery is a popular one that has people dreaming of the big bounty that they could win. This game offers 14 different chances to win in just won game. At a cost of five pounds per play, the player is hoping to hit the big score, and thus will enjoy the variety of different ways that they can possibly win. This game is played in four different games through the card. As with most games, the objective for the player is either to match like symbols, get their numbers to add up to a certain amount, or match like amounts of money. Doing any of these things in the right game makes you a winner. The beauty of this game is that it creates excitement from start to finish. Most are looking for some excitement from the games that they purchase, even if they do not expect that they are going to win.

top cat cashTop Cat

The National Lottery offers everyone the ability to have a little fun and excitement brought into their lives. With the Top Cat Cash game, just one pound is enough to get the action started. In this game, the player must click on the 9 trash bins that they are given. These bins will reveal different character symbols that are part of the game. If the player reveals three like symbols, then he or she wins the prize for that symbol. It is as simple as that. As a bonus, any player that reveals a fish bone symbol wins a prize instantly. The most exciting thing about this game for most players is the fact that it is possible to win large sums of money on this one. There are not too many other things in life that offer this level of excitement and potential profit for so small an investment. The Top Cat Cash game is popular with players and may be played for such a low entry cost. If you are in the market for some cheap entertainment, this is the way to go.

luckybugLucky Bug

Every player wants to be a lucky bug in the national lottery. It is their hope to purchase a ticket and see some instant riches fall into their lap. That is what is offered by the instant game known as Lucky Bug. The player forks over just one pound to play Lucky Bug, but is treated to the possibility of winning a great deal back just by playing. The Lucky Bug game is one in which the player rolls dice with the objective of getting the pot of gold to be lowered all the way to the bottom line. If he or she is lucky enough to do so, then the prize is won. There are different prizes for each game, so keep an eye out to see which one you have picked up if you are lucky enough to snag a win! Considering the amount of layers of game play that one gets out of playing this game, it is no wonder there are so many who are interested in it. It is a fun way to spend a pound and try your luck at taking home a big prize!

diamond 7s - lotteryDiamond 7’s

Diamonds attract the eye and draw us in. They are rare and shiny and simply one of the favorite metals of most people. What does all of this mean? Simply that they would be a great feature for a National Lottery ticket. At least, that must be what the people who oversee the lottery are thinking as they have created the Diamond 7’s game. There are seven rows in the Diamond 7’s game that one plays. In this game the objective is to match up symbols in the same order as indicated on the pay table in order to win the prize listed. It is as simple as that. The symbols that one might expect to see in this game would of course include diamond symbols as well as seven symbols. Basically anything that you can see that would be related to money and wealth, you are probably going to find on this ticket. Matching up the symbols that you get with the symbols that are available to you in the pay table is what you are hoping to get.

treat shop - lottoTreat Shop

The treats just keep on coming with the Treat Shop game from the National Lottery. Who wouldn’t want to play a game based on candy? That was the thinking of the creators of the Treat Shop game for the lottery. It is a fun and well designed game that lets players have the chance to win money while playing with candy symbols. Get 3 like sweets or candies in a row or column makes you a winner in this game, so you will want to be on the lookout for candies and sweets that are of the same variety. You might just find yourself a winner at the end of the game. Just to add a little fun to the game, those players who collect a pear drop in their candy jar win an instant prize. How fun is that? This means that you do not even necessarily need to win the game in the original way that it was designed (the matching game) in order to still be a winner in this one. Lookout for those pear drops as they can provide you with some instant winnings!

cash richCash Rich

Some players of the National Lottery enjoy games that give them many different chances to win. These players will surely enjoy the Cash Rich game presented by the National Lottery. In this game, players are able to win in the 3 different games that are included on the card. This provides them with up to eight ways to win! Game one is all about getting two numbers to add up to be a total of seven. Any combination that adds up to seven will be a winning ticket. Game two is about matching two like symbols in a row to win the prize for that row. Finally, game three is about matching a winning symbol to your own symbol on the card to win the prize for that symbol. This is an easy game to play, and it gives the player plenty of opportunities to snag a win. Everyone likes when they are able to hit a winner on the lottery game of their choice, and this particular ticket offers a lot of chances to do just that. Cash Rich is the game for those who like a lot of play out of their tickets.

monopoly bonusMonopoly Bonus Game

If you are a fan of the Monopoly board game, then you are almost certainly going to love the version of the game that the National Lottery has. In this version, the player is flipping over 14 tiles trying to reveal like symbols in order to win the prize. The game is fast paced and a lot of fun. The whole point is to try to find those like symbols in order to win the correlated prize. The symbols themselves are from the Monopoly game and represent something in the game. It is interesting in a way to see them used in a very different way in this lottery game. Monopoly Bonus is a popular game because there is a bonus chance offering in the game. This bonus chance involves pressing a button with the hopes of revealing a red hotel symbol. If this is revealed, the player wins a prize automatically. That is something that adds a little more intrigue to the game for a lot of people. If you are not able to win by just matching things, always hold out hope that you will get a winner with the bonus button.

bingo7575 Ball Bingo

75 Ball Bingo is a National Lottery game that has three ways to play. There are three ways to play this virtual game. First, you can “dab” the numbers yourself. Second, you can have the computer mark your numbers for you. Finally, you can have the system instantly reveal the numbers. The third option is great because you don’t have to wait for the numbers to be called. When the game has begun, the player will first choose the dabber colour. As the bingo balls are presented, the numbers on the screen will need to be dabbed if the player chose to dab their own numbers. The player will then need to completed a row, diagonal,column or four corners on the card in order to win. The game finalizes when there are twenty balls drawn and the coordinating numbers are matched on screen. The Bingo Machine will then indicate whether or not the player is a winner. If the player chooses to have the cards marked automatically, then all the player needs to do is hit the start button at the beginning. When the games finalizes, the word Finished will appear on the screen. If the player chooses to have the number automated, then all that needs to be done is for the Click to Reveal button to be pressed. Happy Gaming!

snakes and ladders jungle - lotterySnakes and Ladders Jungle

Snakes and Ladders Jungle is a variation of a board game. The jungle-themed experience includes moving from square to square depending on the dice and the number rolled. You can climb ladders to advance and slide down snakes to move to another square. In this game, players win by collecting golden crown pieces or by landing on instant win spaces. Collect three golden crowns and become the King of the Jungle.There are chances to win extra rolls and enter bonus mini games which can boost a player’s prize winnings. There are three mini games that include the basket mini game, ladders mini game and leaf mini game. All three have special features that can enhance a players prize pay out. Winners select a specific ladder, basket or leaf and a prize amount will be revealed.

£25000 Red Lottery250,000 Red

The game 250,000 Red is unique because it is essentially three games in one.Game one begins with a window opening on the left of the players window.This window contains six rows, the player will need to click on either a star or prize motif. Once the symbol is clicked on then another set of symbols will appear.If the player presents a diamond in any of his or her rows, a prize will be shown. Game two will appear in the middle of the player’s window.

To begin this game, the player will click either a cash bag or prize. Once the selection is made, the prize won will appear. Game three will appear to the right of the screen. It will contain six rows with the pound motif and stars. To begin the game, the player will click on either a pound motif or the stars. Once the needed item is clicked on, a monetary amount will be displayed. If three like amounts are shown, the player will win the indicative amount.

Once all three games have been completed, the amount the player has won will flash on the screen. After all games and prize amount is viewed, the player must click the finish button to finalize the game.

The cursor is used to play this game. Animated features announce winning squares and game features.

cash dropDrop in on the Fun with Cash Drop!

Cash Drop, brought to you by the National Lottery, is an exciting way to instantly win cash prizes. Cash Drop is a exceedingly entertaining and is very simple to play. Go ahead and drop in on the fun!

In order to play, you must first set up a National Lottery account. Account set-up can be accomplished in just 4 easy steps. Once your account is set up, it is game time! Choose a slot on which to drop your coins. Watch, in anticipation, as the coins fall into one of 6 prize bins. If you get 3 of your coins to drop in the same prize bin, you win the prize that is listed directly above the bin. Also, be on the look out for gold coins. If a gold coin is among the 3 coins dropped in one of the prize bins, you win double that prize. Get started today!

battleship - National LotterySink a Battleship and Win!

The classic board game, Battleship, comes to life in an exciting instant win game from the National Lottery. Battleship is easy to play; battle your way to instant winnings!

As with all National Lottery online games, make sure to set up your account. Account registration is a breeze. To get your game of Battleship started, set up the game board to your liking. There are two ways to play; you can play either Regular Play or Rapid Play.

In Regular Play, you can take a more strategic and calculated approach. Individually choose and execute each of your moves. In Rapid Play, throw caution to the wind by sending out a missile barrage. Your goal is to take down any of the ships that are on the prize table. Once you sink a ship you will be awarded an indicated prize. Be on the look out for mines; hit a mine and you win an instant prize!

zombie escapeZombie Escape: A Pulse Pounding Post-Apocalyptic Experience

In Zombie Escape, players attempt to survive a zombie outbreak that has overrun the small town of Mystic Creeksville. While exploring the city and searching for survival gear, each roll of the dice brings the unexpected.

Players might find a valuable tool, such as a battery, water bottle or petrol can, filling up squares on the game’s prize table and bringing them one step closer to winning. Instead, they might encounter one of three exciting Mini Games, scavenging energy bars from Handy’s Mini Market, medical supplies from Cooper’s Pharmacy, or an old jalopy from Al’s Garage.

They might even find an Instant Prize along the way; that is, if the green zombies don’t get there first. Every game offers a unique, pulse pounding experience. With enough tenacity and luck, players can avoid the town’s hungry hordes, find safety inside a nearby survivors’ compound, and live out the zombie apocalypse in style.

bullseye - lotteryBullseye

Once the player chooses the game Bullseye, a dart board will appear. Along with the dart board will be nine darts. The darts will represent the number of tries the player has remaining. The objective of the game is to match three like sections or hit a star to instantly win.

To begin the game, a player will select a section of the dart board and their dart will be thrown. Once all nine darts are thrown and nine segments of the board have been revealed, a message will appear at the bottom of the screen with the amount the player has won.

Once the prize amount has been shown, the player must hit the finish button at the bottom of the screen to conclude the game. Only one monetary prize can be won per play. This smashing game is a must try for only £1.00. Happy gaming and the best of luck!

bubble burst bingoBubble Burst Bingo

Bubble Burst Bingo is an instant win game that The National Lottery has distributed that costs the player £2.00 per game play. This is quite a fun game where the player aims and shoots bubbles on the screen. This action is performed by the click of your mouse. When three or more bubbles are the same color, the bingo number is revealed. Once a row, column or diagonal is completed a prize will be shown. The begin the play of the game, the player will hit the start button located on the right side of the screen. If a player is pressed for time, but still would like to enjoy the game then he or she can hit the instant reveal button. Once all of the twenty bingo numbers have been revealed, the prizes will be displayed. At the end of the game, the player must hit the finished button in order to complete the game.


Bejeweled is one of the most loved mobile games in recent history. The goal is to rack up points while you match corresponding and adjacent jewels. The key is to get as many matches possible during a set amount of time. Each higher level means their is less of a chance to get the jewels in a row automatically. This is a thinking game that requires some strategy as you aim to beat your best score.

It is possible to get more than two jewels matched at time as you move them horizontally or vertically into different spaces. Players have to move fast because new jewels are constantly added to the screen as older ones disappear. Therefore, no one game is ever the same!

This is an easy game that is easy to pick up. It can also be quite addicting once you get a hand of it too! Bejeweled is a game that will be a wonderful to play during a commute or lengthy waiting time.

one hundred thousand purplePlaying 100,000 Purple

100,000 Purple is an exceptionally fun game that combines luck, skill, and memory. 100,000 is a game that is played by clicking on a number of different tiles in the game. If a player happens to get three of the same prize, they win that amount. The game is exceptionally easy to play, and many persons find the act of clicking on the tiles to be very relaxing.

The game is played by having the player click on the first tile. The player can then click two more in order to see if they match up. A player then can play additional rounds with the tiles in the same place. There is also a bonus round where the player has a single round of clicking on tiles. The strategy of clicking on tiles in the game 100,000 Purple involves having a player decide if they want to click on unknown tiles in order to discover more numbers, or if they want to stick with a single number. The tiles may reveal either numbers or symbols that represent the dollar amount that can be won.

lucky linesLucky Lines

Lucky Lines is an instant win game brought to the player by The National Lottery. The cost is £2.00 per play. The player chooses six unique tiles that contain lucky symbols. The player then wins a prize by matching the line of symbols or by matching the four corner tiles. When the players chooses to play this game, a window will pop up on the computer screen.

This will contain thirty six tiles. On the right of the screen there will be a box containing nine tiles. In order to begin the game, the player must choose one of the nine tiles. Once a tile is chosen, all of the corresponding tiles on the main board will be displayed. If the player has a vertical or horizontal line of matching tiles, they win. It is that simple. This game is simplistic but loaded with absolutely brilliant fun. As with other games provided by The National Lottery, once finished the player must hit the finished button located at the bottom center of the screen.

bingo9090 Ball Bingo

You could win instantly with 90 Ball Bingo. This fun online game has three different ways to play, which you choose between the following options:


You begin by choosing a bingo dabber. When a ball is drawn that you have on your card, mark it with the dabber. Win by completing one, two or all three lines.


You begin this game the same way as above by picking the color of your dabber. But the computer will mark the card for matches. Win by completing one, two or all three lines, also known as a full house.


To play this game you must select the “click to reveal” button. The balls will pop up and automatically be marked on your bingo card to reveal if you have won. Again, the ways to win this game are with one, two or three lines of completion.

connect 4 lotteryConnect 4

Choose a red or yellow game counter colour and Connect 4 matching colours in a row-down, across or diagonal-to win. This instant win lottery is a version of the classic board game we’ve all known and loved. To play this game, one simply moves the cursor over the play window.

There are multiple ways to win. If a player selects “red” from the start window, for instance, the player wins once four red pieces are revealed in a row. The prize varies and is specified once a “Connect 4” is made. Another way to win is to uncover a number “4” symbol which is an instant win and qualifies for a bonus prize.

The player determines which counter to unveil by moving the cursor and clicking. There is no live opponent to this game. Animated symbols make it easy to know when a player wins and which move is about to be made.

mousetrapMouse Trap Online Game

Mouse Trap is an exciting game that people can play online. They have fun rolling the die to move around the board in order to get symbols. This online game is a fun way for people to chance their luck with the roll of a die and win moves.As the player moves around the board they will enjoy surprises around every corner.

When all of the symbols in a set a won the player will win a fun prize. There are dips and turns with each roll, players may get an extra turn or sent backwards on the virtual board. As the game continues there is even extra prizes that can show up at any time. Players enjoy high odds of winning in every game.

Players love the game some much they continue to come back for more. Try the trial version today for free and see what players can win!

supersevensmultiplierPlaying Super 7’s Multiplier

Super 7’s Multiplier is a game where you select eighteen tiles from a screen of covered tiles. If the tiles match the tiles that you are looking for you win the game. The process of playing Super 7’s Multiplier involves first selecting the tiles that you want to work with. You can select the tiles by hand, or you can have your computer automatically select them for you. The game will then show you the seven numbers you are looking for.

Once the numbers you are looking for are revealed, you will need to find those numbers in the eighteen that you have already revealed. If you can find those numbers, you win the game. One of the most fun parts of playing Super 7’s Multiplier is that if you find a multiplier tile you can boost your score by a factor of five. It is possible to find multiple multiplier tiles during a single draw. The multiplier tiles are revealed to show if they will double, triple, quadruple, or boost your score a factor of five. Selecting the multiplier tiles in order will get you an even higher score.



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