EuroMillions Lotto

EuroMillions Lotto is Europe’s largest continuous running lottery jackpot game.

EuroMillions Lotto enables anyone to play with their three convenient methods. You can play online, on your mobile or in store. You can choose to play for the drawing that is held every Tuesday, Friday or both! You also have the choice to play one, two, three or four weeks at a time.

To play EuroMillions Lotto online, you will need to complete the play slip by first choosing which days and/or weeks you will want to play. Once that is completed, the player can choose five numbers between one and fifty. Then the player will need to choose two lucky stars that range from one and eleven. Once this is completed, the player will just need to hit the play now button. Your raffle number will appear onscreen as well as your chosen numbers. If you choose to play more than one game, a unique raffle number will be issued for each game.

If playing via your mobile is more convenient, that is no problem. EuroMillions Lotto caters to those who have a hectic schedule and need quick access. Playing on the go has its advantages. If you played previously and are sentimental about your previous number choice, you can replay those numbers as they are saved.

If you are feeling extra lucky, you can choose Lucky Dip. Lucky Dip will choose your numbers for you! If you are brand new to the game, no worries. The game via mobile is quickly accessible and simplistic enough to play on your morning commute. Once your numbers and stars have been chosen, the play button has been hit, the player will need to hit the play now button and you are set to go! It is that simple! A raffle ticket number will appear as a confirmation of your entry.

If the player would rather play in person at a retail location, you too are covered.
EuroMillions Lotto has several retailers at your disposal. If you choose to play in person, the player will need to pick up a slip to play. The player will then need to choose either their own numbers or take a walk on the wild side with the lucky dip.

After that decision has been made, the player will then decide if they are playing for a single drawing or for several weeks. The player can choose to play up to four weeks. If a Fast Pay card is held, and you wish to use your previously stored lucky numbers, just hand the clerk your card to play.

Fast pay cards are convenient because they not only store your lucky number but also your week drawing preferences. If the player does not have a card and wishes to obtain one, that too is simplistic. Fill out the play sheet as you would normally, ask the retailer for a Fast Pay card. Then inform the retailer of your choice for the weeks played and numbers or Fast Dip preferences. Then you are all set to play!