How To Play Keno

Keno is a game of chance. It is also a favorite in casinos and online. Players choose this game because the chance of winning and the amount of payment is based on chance, not someone’s ability to fix numbers. The word Keno is French. The first keno game was played to help raise money in hopes of building the Great Wall of China. The game cards were delivered by pigeons to villagers because the game was not accepted before the 19th century. The game was popular and eventually, immigrants introduced it to the West when they came across the Pacific. Today the game is very popular gambling or not. Everyone that plays this game hopes to hit the jackpot.

The keno game board has 80 numbers for you to choose from. You pick the numbers 1-10 for regular keno. Select your bet and push the button. The balls begin to fall with random numbers from 1-80. If you are playing 10 numbers, you hope to hit 5 to get a minimal payback. Every number over 5 gives you the chance to win 2 times your bet, 3 times your bet, and so on. Some people enjoy playing 4-card keno at the casino. Other people may choose to play all 20 numbers. Everyone has their favorite Keno game that they race for when they have the opportunity.

The odds of winning a jackpot depends on the amount of bet and the numbers that pull. Each time the numbers pull and drop they come up in different sequences. People make bets starting as little as twenty-five cents up to twenty dollars a pull. It is said that the odds of a person hitting all of the 20 numbers at one time are 3.5 Quintilian to one. People that are playing 20 numbers are happy to hear that if they hit 17, 18, or 19 out of 20 the pay is almost the same as hitting 20.

Keno comes in different games. Basic Keno, Caveman Keno, Cleopatra Keno, and Power-ball Keno are some of the different Keno games that you can choose from when you play online or in a casino. Let’s examine the different types of Keno that are available to play. People can choose one card up to 20 cards at a time. One card keno is the favorite. Below are some options for different types of keno games found around the world.

Basic Keno: Basic Keno is set up like bingo. The numbers range from 1-80. To play this game you will need to choose from one to 20 numbers. After marking your numbers you will choose your bet. Place your bet then hit the roll button. The balls begin to drop one by one. Each ball has one number from one through eighty. You can win if you hit the number combination showing.

Caveman Keno: Caveman Keno card appears the same as the basic except in the design. There is a caveman decoy that sits in the corner of the game board. There is also 3 dinosaur eggs that mark three of the spots. You can double your winnings if eggs open during the roll. If you hit two eggs the winnings are x4. If you hit all three eggs open, the winnings are x 8. Caveman keno comes complete with dinosaur-bird sound effects and hammering noises. Instead of dots covering the numbers, cement tires cover the numbers that hit.

Cleopatra Keno: Cleopatra Keno plays the same as the other keno games except when you hit Cleopatra you can end up getting a bonus round with several chances to win. The free spins can pay great if the correct number of numbers are covered.

Power-ball Keno: Power ball Keno gives you the chance to win 4 times your bet or 10 times your bet depending on power ball strikes and the amount of your bet. If the Power ball strikes on your number you win big.

Keno is the perfect game for someone that has a small amount of money to play but wants to play for a while. There is no real strategy to the game except your number picks. Some people have their favorite numbers they play every game and others do a random pick. Each time the balls drop you have a better chance of hitting the jackpot because every number combination will eventually hit. The probability of winning is due to the combination of the numbers and the function. To figure out your possibility of winning you must understand how the combinations work. If there are 80 numbers and you start with 20 then the combinations are almost endless.

If you choose to play a 1 spot you have 1 chance in 80 to hit the one number. If the player bets one dollar and hits the one number, he will win $3. dollars. This makes the probability of hitting the winning number .25%. The winnings increase with the amount of money bet and the number of numbers that are marked.

Keno is popular online and in casinos around the world. People can download the keno game to play without making a real money bet. The game is one of the favorite games to download as an application for phones and tablets. Keno is popular in casinos online because it gives the player the chance to play alone and while others are playing. The odds of winning increase with more plays.

Every time the numbers are pulled, the possibility of a hit it increased. Some of the most popular number combinations to play are the 5 spot, the 7 spot, and the 8 spot. These give a great winning when 3 or more numbers are hit for the 5 spot. If four or more numbers hit while you are playing the 7 or 8 spot, you are sure to have a good winning.