Playing Blackjack

There’s only one legitimate rule to the game of Blackjack.

For the single player, you have to beat the dealer. Blackjack is a game of 21. This familiar form of 21 is an American standard. It’s simply called 21 Blackjack.

In all variations of 21, the total of twenty-one is used as “the” benchmark.

It’s an optimal range or a max sum.

In blackjack, that benchmark pays a bonus when reached.

The casino–or house–will dictate how much is paid to you when reaching 21. It can be reached when you receive your first two cards or during live play when you request cards from the dealer.

The most common payout for a 21 bonus in blackjack is 2 to 1.

This means you get twice what you wagered. Not just an equal amount.

The basic rules are thus: You pay to play.

An amount called, “the minimum,” at the very least must be put within assigned spaces on the table. That way, everyone knows what chips are in and those that aren’t.

The dealer then deals from at least 6 decks for American casinos. Each player receives two cards. …including the dealer. One of the dealer’s cards are face up. The dealer is allowed to get 21 on the first hand. If you don’t have it by then, they automatically win.

Should the dealer or you not have 21, you continue to play.

Play continues with either you or another at the table.

One of you will stay where you are if your hand is roughly above 15 in total. If your hand is lower than 14, you hit–that is to request another card from the dealer–to advance your potential of reaching 21.

When your hand is settled with everyone else’s, it’s the dealer’s turn.

The dealer, depending on the house rules, will do nothing on a total of 17 or take another card. If they do nothing, which is call standing, all you have to do is beat 17.

If the dealer hits instead, she only needs to beat YOUR total to win.

This is the basic progression and rules of blackjack. Now, we’ll uncover some of the intricacies to gameplay that dictates your wins and loses. You’ll learn how to double-down and split.

We’ll cover things the casino does to divert your progress also.

The House

There’s a common saying you already know.

“The house always wins.”

For this reason, Blackjack is a unique option. Because of the gameplay, a player can actually turn the odds to their favor instead of the house. This is as long as the player goes by what’s become or considered, “The basic strategy.”

You can find the basic strategy in a popular book: “Beat the Dealer.”

First, you need to understand; the house will find ways to beat you. You can be equipped with the right strategy and rules, but it means nothing if you’re unaware of what else is going on around you. The house wins because they’re actually doing more than what you see through the dealer.

They’re not cheating though. They are, however, being very strategic.

You need to do likewise.

Here’s what can help you avoid the tactics casinos take beyond the table. These are not gimmicks. A dealer, for example, has the choice to deal cards fast if he or she wants to. The speed you’ll see each card at then alters.

They can cause you to take more cards that way.

Think of it this way: You get your first two cards.

They’re a two and a four. That’s a poor hand. Yet when you hit twice, you only get a three and a three. Your total is now 12. Most unaware players, desperate to reach 21, will allow a dealer to give them another card.

Regardless of them asking for it.

If the dealer has been moving fast, it happens easily. The next card inevitably becomes a ten. And the dealer was clever enough to force it out. You lose at 22. None of these measures is cheating, but they do require your attention.

The Nuances of Wagering

Here’s where you win. You do it with betting. Once you’ve placed a bet, you can’t take it back.

If you get the right cards, you can increase your wager.

Here’s how you do it. When you get two of a kind. Imagine that you have two 6’s. Twelve is a risky hand to hit on, but a dull hand to stand on. If you get anything above 9, you bust.

You immediately lose.

If you do nothing, the dealer has a high chance of winning.

Twelve is easy to beat. You instead split. A split is done on two-of-a-kind(s). This allows you to create two separate hands you can now play with. You can hit or stand depending on the cards you get.

The catch is, you pay to split those cards.

Your other option is called a double-down.

This is when you have the option to double your bet. You evaluate this based on what’s played and what’s likely to be played. You can win three times your bet this way.

Keeping the basic rule in mind will help you play the game of blackjack. Keeping your attention at its peak helps you manage everything at the table.

In either case, have fun and gamble responsibly! You’re sure to have a blast!